Welcome to the new-look Scottish Times

Welcome to the new-look Scottish Times

Our iphone friendly news site is just the first in a string of exciting features coming your way.

ST is proud to be taking pro-Scotland news global. We are reaching out to Scots abroad and our fellow global citizens so that they can get the latest Scottish and referendum news 24/7 whether they are at the office or on a bus or train anywhere in the world.

What we at ST are really excited about though is the launch of our new and totally unique ‘Survey News’ platform which is being built, as you read, by our partners at the University of West Scotland. This new system will mean the Scottish news agenda will be set by you the people of Scotland and not by editors, politicians, advertisers and big business.

ST’s revolutionary ‘Survey News’ system will be piloted during Scotland’s independence referendum allowing the Scottish people to take control of that campaign into their own hands. This is the core vision of ST – to truly become ‘The Voice of Scotland’.

After launching this new website we will now also look to increasing our news and comment service with a view to being a fully fledged comprehensive title by the time of the referendum.

You can help us speed up this process by contributing financially here or help by liking and sharing our pages and encouraging friends to visit.

We, the Scottish Times team, are painfully aware of how undemocratic Scotland’s media is. Moaning about that would have been all too easy but we Scots are made of sterner stuff. Instead, we spent a very long time thinking, researching, testing and going back to the drawing board time and again – quietly for over two years – until finally we arrived at a vision for fixing the problem. We hope you rally behind that vision and help make it a reality!

Your for Scotland,

ST team

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