News in Scotland Monday

News in Scotland Monday

Scots can decide on future of monarchy, says SNP minister

It is up to the people of Scotland to decide if they prefer a monarchy or to opt for a republic according to Aileen Campbell – the SNP minister for children and young people. Ms Campbell was clear that her view was personal and did not reflect SNP policy which is that the Queen would remain Scotland’s head of state post-independence. Recently the chair of the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign, Dennis Canavan, argued that there is no place for a monarchy as head of state for Scotland. Many leading figures in the wider pro-independence camp would like to see a referendum on retaining the monarchy post-independence as soon as possible.

NHS ‘safe in our hands’, says SNP

After warnings from Westminster that further restructuring lies ahead for the NHS South of the border, the SNP has said the NHS is “safe in its hands”. New announcements affecting citizens outwith Scotland have been met with scepticism in the medical profession branding the new measures as “privatisation” and a consequence of failed restructuring.


(International news on currency union to inform the Scottish referendum debate)

Greece to be bailed out again in 2014, shows leaked document

According to an internal Bundesbank document Europe “will certainly agree to a new aid programme for Greece” by early 2014. The document obtained by Der Spiegel contradicts Chancellor Merkel who has sought to reassure German voters on the subject of further ‘debt relief’ for Greece. Another Greek bailout would again put the eurozone back into crisis mode. Greece is a member of the euro currency union.

UK banks face more corruption investigations

Leading UK banks have warned that they face a glut of further investigations relating to corruption and fraud. The list of existing fines relating to money laundering, Libor rigging and other nefarious activities are riddled across the UK banking sector. The list appears set to continue relating to ongoing Libor rigging and takeover among others and the banks are currently unable to accurately estimate the fines for shareholders. Compared to the profits from the scams the fines have been relatively small raising fears that the fines are an now an accepted part of the UK banking business model. Despite the ongoing crime epidemic and the fact that banks are being given cheap money to speculate by the Bank of England, Finance Secretary John Swinney has described the UK regulatory system as a “solid framework”. The SNP wishes to remain in a currency union with the UK. The Guardian newspaper has listed some of the fraudulent and criminal activities undertaken by Britain’s biggest UK banks. Read here.



UK crisis: Study shows benefit cuts will be devastating

New research has shown that only a small amount of households where no-one works will be able to mitigate against cuts in some way however three-quarters of th total will see their incomes drop by £1,615 per family. The research undertaken by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion shows clearly that the stated aim of getting the jobless back to work will fail and that many such families now face abject poverty.

Diplomatic tensions mount between Spain and UK over Gibraltar

Spain and Argentina may join forces in relation to territorial disputes with the UK, according to the Spanish newspaper El País. A “united front” over Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands at the United Nations (UN) may heap pressure on the UK. As a two-year non-permanent UN security council member, Argentina has an opportunity to put the issue of the territories on the agenda. Spain is keen to push its claim over Gibraltar at the UN and is considering raising the matter at the international court of justice at The Hague, according to El País sources. The impasse was triggered when Gibraltar began to establish a concrete reef which Spanish fishermen and authorities believe will destroy fishing in the area.

Morsi loyalists prepare for defy security forces

Pro-Morsi marches continue in defiance of warnings by security forces that they will be dispersed. In expectation of a crackdown demonstrators, demanding the return of Morsi as president, are building defences at their sit-in points in Cairo. Concrete and wooden barriers, gas masks and protective clothing are being accumulated ahead of anticipated police action.


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