Drive Scottish Times articles – independence and other issues

Drive Scottish Times articles – independence and other issues

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Drive Scottish Times articles – independence and other issues!

Scottish Times is starting a journey which we believe will change how the media works and help put the people of Scotland in charge of the news agenda.

Do you feel shut out of the news agenda on key issues such as independence, war and the economy? Does it frustrate you when a politician tells you what Scottish voters think and want? How do they know?

At Scottish Times, we want to change this. How? We want to make you, our readership, an influential partner in our editorial decision-making process.

How is this achievable?

Here’s how it works: A. We ask you a series of survey questions about independence or other subjects, B. You answer the survey question, C. We take the results of your responses and write articles about what you, our readers, really think about a range of subjects, D. You comment and tell us what you think about the survey articles.

See our first reader survey article here: Bank of England should be abolished

To get started, click on the links below, answer the survey questions (questions were suggested by readers) and over the coming weeks we will write articles based entirely on your responses:

General political issues


Vision: Our Next Step

At Scottish Times, we aspire to have our readers shape the news agenda and so change the power balance between citizens and institutions.

If you think this survey process is a success, we have plans in place which can improve it and grow the number of surveys, respondents, readers, articles and the quality of our survey methods.

Our objective is to harness our readers’ views to challenge Scotland’s mainstream news agenda by the time of Scotland’s independence referendum. We view it as vital that the Scottish news agenda is inspired by citizens and not controlled by politicians, big business interests and others.

Over the last year the Scottish Times team has worked on detailed plans. Creating an innovative and unique digital news service is an exhausting challenge and we thought we would never see our vision become reality. Now we want to start building from the ground up by involving readers in that journey.

This month Scottish Times we took another step. Our Editor, Alex Porter, addressed a publishing conference in Edinburgh where he outlined this vision to students, readers, investors, academics and others with the aim of finding like-minded people to collaborate on our project.

The success of this mission depends entirely on your participation and that journey starts now.


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