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Opinion polls tell us that Scots feel alienated from the independence referendum campaign and political decision making in general.

Is it any wonder that a large number of Scots, especially in areas of extreme poverty, do not feel that they can influence their nation’s future by going to the polling station?

Scottish Times would like to change this. The social media explosion has shown that the old model of newspaper editors manipulating popular opinion in cahoots with politicians has had its day.

Opinion polls do ask people what they think on certain issues but who makes up the questions? Those who commission them – political parties.

It is time ordinary Scots were asked the questions that ordinary Scots want answered.

Take for example the independence referendum. The vast majority of the population of Scotland feels locked out of the debate and believe that politicians will decide the fate of the nation behind closed doors.

ST wants to put the future of Scotland in the hands of the people. We want to ask the questions you want answered.

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