Tom McCabe lands policy job at Glasgow City Council

Tom McCabe lands policy job at Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council has employed former Labour Minister Tom McCabe as a ‘policy manager’ with a salary of £50,000

Scottish news: Tom McCabe lands policy job at Glasgow City Council

by Rosie Harrison

One year after losing his seat and salary as an MSP, former Labour minister Tom McCabe has been employed by Labour-run Glasgow Council as a ‘policy manager’ on a salary of nearly £50,000 a year.

Though purported to be a non-political role working for the Council’s Land and Environmental Services, McCabe does not appear to be an obvious choice of candidate, leading to accusations that it is his ties to the Labour party which secured him his employment.

Mr McCabe’s appointment which has not yet been formally announced has been met by outrage by Graeme Hendry, leader of the Glasgow Council SNP group, who dismissed the decision to appoint the Labour figure as indicative of the parties’ underhand, “jobs for the boys” tactics.

Glasgow Council spokesman Colin McKenzie assured Scottish Times Mr McCabe was interviewed by senior Council officials, not elected members and that the normal procedures of publicly advertising the job was followed. However Mr McKenzie also confirmed information received from the Council’s human resources department that Mr McCabe’s interview for the post took place only yesterday.

The speed with which the decision to appoint Mr McCabe was taken will only add to any perceptions that the appointment was a foregone conclusion.

James Dorman, the SNP MSP for Glasgow said: “It certainly appears that once again Glasgow Labour is using council taxpayers’ money for party political purposes.”

The Council can argue that McCabe was simply the best man for the job. With a degree in public sector management, years of experience in social work and his stint as minister for financial and public services, he is appropriately well-oiled in the mechanics of Scottish bureaucracy.

Perhaps the detail that swung it for McCabe was his legacy, the Adult Entertainment Working Group, an advisory body set up to instigate a lap dancing ban in 2005.

The public can only hope that the pivotal role McCabe will play in resolving the residual controversy between lapdancing chain Spearmint Rhino and Glasgow City Council will provide return for the taxpayers who will finance his role.

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